Total Direct Primary & Skin Care Solutions

Ultimate Health is a one-stop shop for your general medical, skincare, nutritional health and wellness needs in Delray Beach.

When you visit our beautiful state of the art facility, you have the opportunity to

  • Visit our general Practitioners and Aestheticians
  • Get a complete medical & skin exam
  • Boost your immune system with customized Vitamin IV treatment
  • Get rejuvenated with luxurious amazing facial using Oxygen, LED therapy & many other latest technologies and techniques
  • Receive top-notch Aesthetic treatments including Ultrasonic Body Sculpting, Wax Hair Removal
  • Purchase organic health and wellness products

Direct Primary Care paired with Insurance

Although insurance is not needed to be a member of our clinic, pairing a Direct Primary Care business membership with an insurance policy is a great way to keep your employees protected for more.

As members, your employees come to us for all of their primary care needs as well as medical aesthetic services.

Contact us for discounted pricing & to customize a plan that best fits the needs of your individual business.

Learn more about offering benefits to your team. Conveniently located in East Delray Beach, we service clients in Boynton Beach, Delray, Boca Raton, Highland Beach and the surrounding areas.

Experience the benefits our direct primary care office can provide your company and get started on our small business medical & skin care plans today.

VIP Memberships

We constantly adopt & innovate advanced technologies, techniques & procedures to provide the superior medical care solutions to our valued VIP patients & members of the following VIP plans that we offer.

VIP PLATINUM (2 complimentary IV Therapies / month), DIAMOND (1 complimentary IV Therapy / month) & EXECUTIVE include:

  • Unlimited Direct Primary Care & Telemedicine Visits
  • Same Day / Next Day appointments
  • Yearly Wellness & Prevention Planning Including Yearly GYM Exam
  • EKG
  • Prescriptions Including Birth Control Drug Therapy
  • Total Body Skin Imaging & Evaluation
  • Skin Infection, Eczema & Acne Evaluation & Treatment
  • 10% off Products

AESTHETIC SKIN Pass (1 complimentary facial / month) includes:

  • 50% off Additional Facials
  • 50% off IV Therapy, Ultrasonic Body Sculpting Sessions, Wax Hair Removal
  • 10% off Products



You Deserve to Look & Feel Your Very Best Inside & Out.

Ultimate Health is a medical clinic focused on patient-centered personalized health and beauty care solutions in Delray Beach, Florida.

Learn more about Ultimate Health

VIP Solutions

VIP Solutions

Press & Media

Press & Media



Ultimate Health VIP Solutions

We offer Skin Care and Health Care Treatments that help keep you looking and feeling great while maintaining your overall health!

IV Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced IV Therapy Solutions

We offer nutritional IV Therapy based on your individual medical evaluation. Each treatment is tailored by our medical team to meet your individual needs for balance and optimal health. Look and feel your best from the inside out. 

Filler Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced Dermal Filler Solutions

Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with our array of dermal fillers and enjoy looking younger, more refreshed. Our non-surgical, aesthetic treatments are conveniently performed in-office and results are long-lasting up to a year or more. 

Body Sculpting Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced Body Sculpting Solutions

Revolutionary European Alternatives to fighting fat and cellulite. Reshapes your body & tightens your skin. All treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. Each treatment lasts about 45 min and is suitable for men and women.

Skin Care Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced Medical Skin Care Solutions

Feel revitalized and rejuvenated with customized treatments based on your skin needs. All treatments use advanced technology and professional techniques in combination with innovative products from all over the world. 





































In today’s stress-filled world our integrated medical, wellness and aesthetic practice provides patients a relaxed space to receive medical care, prevent future medical issues and seek treatments that help them look and feel their best. Anyone entering Ultimate Health will be enveloped in soothing sounds and aromas while the journey to healing, restoration, and relaxation await.

Introducing Total Care VIP Membership plans is a new type of health care that helps you keep looking and feeling great inside and out.

All treatment solutions are performed by certified medical professionals and Aestheticians. Ultimate Health offers leading-edge products and technologies.

"Wonderful place. Super clean. I received an IV Vitamin therapy and really enjoyed it. They did a full exam and then set me up with the IV that would be right for my needs. Great concept with an affordable way to stay healthy! Looking forward to returning!"

Arielle L.

"Had a wonderful experience at Ultimate Health. I am always looking for a great place to get a thorough and relaxing facial and I can definitely say I have no need to look any further! They take excellent care to make sure I don’t interact with any other people when being brought in and out of the office. Everything is so clean and spacious and let me not forget to brag about the facial!!! My skin feels FLAWLESS. Every blemish GONE, all whiteheads and blackheads GONE! My skin feels balanced and rejuvenated. 5 stars! Prices are affordable too 5 stars!"

Ciara L.

"Looking for a wellness and anti-aging medical clinic offering a unique and fresh approach to personalized service? Truly custom tailored for your specific needs? From the moment you walk in, the soothing aroma, the welcoming smile from the service desk, attention to detail … top natch. A “must go” place if you care about your health."

Alfredo R.

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