Ultimate Health VIP Total Care Membership Programs

We constantly adopt & innovate advanced technologies, techniques & procedures to provide the superior medical care solutions to our valued VIP patients and members of the following VIP plans that we offer


• Unlimited Direct Primary Care & Telemedicine Visits
• Same Day/Next Day Appointments
• Annual in house Blood/Chemistry Analysis
• Yearly Wellness & Prevention Planning Including Yearly GYN Exam
• Prescriptions including Birth Control Drug therapy
• Total Body Skin Imaging & Evaluation
• Customized Health Plan based on Medical Evaluation
• Skin infection, Eczema and Acne evaluation and treatment

VIP SKIN PASS Adds Incredible Value to Your VIP Membership Skin and You Get Amazing Discounts on Special VIP Hydro & Laser Skin Treatments, VIP Body Sculpting, Botox and Dysport Treatments, Special VIP Dermal Filler Solutions, Wax & Laser Hair Removal.

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