Ultimate Health Advanced Dermal Filler Solutions

Our patients can choose from a well-known selection of dermal fillers used to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. We offer both DYSPORT and BOTOX FDA approved drugs that are used to treat dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and other areas. These non-surgical, aesthetic treatments typically take less than an hour and are done in our office by our professional medical team. The results can be seen right away, and the products can last up to a year or more. As a result, both women and men enjoy looking younger, more relaxed, and refreshed.

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Ultimate Health VIP Dermal Filler Solutions

UH Complete VIP turn back the clock Full Face Solution

This Ultimate Health VIP Solution is the complete, non-surgical refresher. This solution plumps your skin, smooths away wrinkles and folds from the nose to mouth, and increases fullness in the cheeks.

UH VIP Lips & Lines Solution

This Ultimate Health VIP Solution combines both DYSPORT and BOTOX FDA approved drugs to create natural, fuller lips and a more youthful appearance. This package will help smooth away laugh lines and wrinkles around your lips as well as moisturize and volumize your skin creating a natural, softer look.

UH VIP 2 areas of Dysport Solution (no lips)

This Ultimate Health VIP Solution creates natural looking, fast acting and long-lasting results by smoothing moderate to severe wrinkles and lines caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions. As a result, both men and women can enjoy results that look and feel natural.

UH VIP Sexy Lips Solution

This Ultimate Health VIP Solution is designed for anyone who wants to enhance and volumize their lips. This solution adds texture, color, and elasticity to your lips and helps to smooth away laugh lines that form at the side of the nose and corners of your mouth. The result will be soft, natural looking lips that can be seen right away.

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