Ultimate Health Solutions for Optimum Health

We offer Skin Care and Health Care Treatments that helps keep you looking and feeling great while maintaining your overall health!

IV Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced IV Therapy Solutions

We offer nutritional IV Therapy based on your individual medical evaluation. Each treatment is tailored by our medical team to meet your individual needs for balance and optimal health. Look and feel your best from the inside out. 

Filler Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced Dermal Filler Solutions

Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with our array of dermal fillers and enjoy looking younger, more refreshed. Our non-surgical, aesthetic treatments are conveniently performed in-office and results are long-lasting up to a year or more. 

Body Sculpting Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced Body Sculpting Solutions

Revolutionary European Alternatives to fighting fat and cellulite. Reshapes your body & tightens your skin. All treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. Each treatment lasts about 45 min and is suitable for men and women.

Skin Care Solutions

Ultimate Health Advanced Medical Skin Care Solutions

Feel revitalized and rejuvenated with customized treatments based on your skin needs. All treatments use advanced technology and professional techniques in combination with innovative products from all over the world. 

Advanced IV therapy solutions can be performed simultaneously with UH VIP Facial Solutions

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